October 23, 2021

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Norton Secure VPN | Install Norton Secure VPN in 2020

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Norton Secure VPN Install Norton Secure VPN in 2020

Norton Secure VPN is an avant-garde network protection solution that safeguards your data, identity, activities, and privacy. It encrypts your information allowing you to use shared networks without compromising your security shield. This cross-platform solution gives comprehensive protection by creating a Virtual Private Network or VPN. In short, it segregates a section of the network into a private and anonymous section exclusively for your use. As a result, all your data, and information becomes unreadable and untraceable until it reaches Norton servers. In short, this dedicated and robust security solution secures all your Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices with laser-sharp accuracy. It is important to secure your browser whenever you are connected to the internet using your mobile as your browsing history can be misused and can be used illegally. One of the security methods involves using a VPN service.

Key Features And Benefits

Simple And Easy To Use

Norton Secure VPN ensures that state-of-the-art technology is accessible to users in the most simplified and convenient form. As such, its operation and management have been kept as simple as possible. Users are required to simply turn on a VPN switch from its interface. As a result, it automatically creates a secure VPN using a shared network.

Bank-Grade Encryption

Norton VPN uses the most reliable and advanced encryption technology which is used by major banks. This means your online activities and information gets unbeatable protection that is full-proof.

Anonymous Browsing

It protects your online privacy by keeping your identities and activities completely anonymous. It uses intuitive technology to safeguard you from being tracked by online advertisers and cyber attackers alike.

  • Blocks ad-trackers from using cookies to follow you.
  • Masks your IP address and location.
  • No-log VPN encrypts your personal information, but never track or store your digital activity or location.

Online Freedom

Norton Secure VPN gives you the ultimate freedom to access the internet for browsing, shopping, payments, streaming, etc. when traveling. In other words, you carry your secured network wherever you go for unmatched accessibility and security.

Cross-Platform Flexibility

It is one of the most flexible cybersecurity solutions available in the market. A single subscription covers all your Windows, Mac, Androids, and iOS devices. In short, you get the most holistic and versatile security cover.

Highly Personalized Experience

Norton Secure VPN has multiple anonymous servers located around the globe for an amazing personalized experience. It allows users to set different locations for their online activities through a simple Virtual Location tab. This immediately re-routes their connection allowing them to disguise their location. Freedom to change your server location has proved extremely beneficial for users who want unrelenting safety of their privacy.

Intuitive, User-friendly Interface

Its user interface is clutter-free and highly intuitive. It has a clean and simple interface that is easy to understand and use. Above all, this convenience of use doesn’t compromise on functionality or usage.

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