October 23, 2021

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How to Get Free Views And Subscribers for Your Channel 2020

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How to Get Free Views And Subscribers for Your Channel 2020

The million-dollar question on every YouTuber’s mind  How do I get more views and subscribers on YouTube?

YouTube views are really important. They don’t just a metric of how much people like your videos. Views are also an important YouTube ranking factor. In general, more quality views equates to higher positioning in YouTube search and in Suggested areas.

Quality views are keys and that is measured in two ways:

  • Audience retention: How many viewers watch your video from start to finish; if every viewer watches the whole video, that video has 100% retention.
  • Watch time: The total amount of time people watch your video

If you get more quality views on YouTube, your videos will rank better and earn more views organically. In fact, that’s something YouTube states explicitly

OK, so that’s the secret to more YouTube views. Of course, there’s a catch-22; if you don’t have tons of views already, you won’t have tons of retention data and watch time. How do you go about earning those quality views on YouTube?

Whether you’re just launching a YouTube channel, or you’ve been established and want to drive more views to your existing and new videos, this article will help.

YouTube search is a significant source of traffic for all YouTube channels. But if you put in all the hard work to rank higher in YouTube search, it’s all for naught if your content doesn’t generate clicks.

This is one of the fastest ways to increase views on YouTube. By making all your existing videos more clickable, you’ll improve the number of views each of those videos generate. So how do you do it? These are the most effective strategies for optimizing YouTube views for click-through rates.

Create Video Titles People Want to Click.

Create the Best YouTube Thumbnails: Use Bold Colors, Text, and Attention Grabbers.

Write the Best Descriptions for Your YouTube Videos.

Write Longer Scripts and On-Air Content for Your Videos. Longer = Better.

What Are YouTube Cards and End Screens?

Use YouTube Cards to Keep Viewers Interested, Longer.

Use Cards to Market Your High-Retention Videos

Create Custom Branded End Screens

Link to Relevant Related Content in Cards/End Screens

YouTube uses these primary metrics to quantify your video views and engagement

Comments, Likes, Shares, View Counts, Subscriber Rates, Retention Rates

**Get Free Views And Subscribers Hack**
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